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  • Category: Building Blocks

    Measuring Empathy for Accessibility

    How do you measure quantitatively for how much people care when there are no obvious metrics? I describe three possible ways of measuring empathy that you can use as metrics or KPIs for your program.

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  • Category: Scaling a Program

    Running a Community Series

    There are a few best practices for a community series, or a community model Champs program, for the training and experiences you offer.

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  • Category: Building Blocks

    Two Pillars of Accessibility Programs

    There are two key pillars of any accessibility program and both are absolutely critical to ensure that your program can solve for your company's needs.

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  • Category: Scaling a Program

    Accessibility Champs Program

    Learn how to setup a Champs program to scale you accessibility team, and the key difference between a Governance and Community model.

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Upcoming Topics

  • Accessibility Touchpoints in a Design System

    I'll go into detail when and where accessibility should be plugged into a design system. From designing and developing new components, to auditing an existing system, accessibility is critical. Timelines, deliverables, and integrating with the team is a great way to scale an accessibility program.

  • Creating Standards

    Creating internal standards is essential for accessibility compliance. This will be a deep dive on processes and guidance to follow when creating your own.

  • How to Hire

    Hiring for an accessibility specific role requires not only checking the qualifications for that role type, but also some specific accessibility questions. I'll provide some example questions, follow up questions, and keywords in answers to look for.

  • The Power of CSS

    CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is essential for styling your interface. I'll provide side by side examples of a custom component next to a semantic component with CSS, to show some of the common mistakes that will save you a lot of time and develop more accessibly.

  • When to use ARIA

    I'll provide some general rules on when you should us ARIA to enhance semantic components, and when it is absolutely necessary when you can't develop semantically.

  • Two Types of Accessibility Programs

    Interested in running, or joining, an accessibility team? There are three types of teams: Compliance, Innovation, and a mix between the two. I'll delve into what each type of team does and questions to ask in interviews to help you determine what type of team it is.

  • Designer to Developer Handoff

    This is the key to any design system, feature, or project: How to hand off the designs to be developed. I'll detail what should be agreed on, what information needs to be shared, and how to document it.

  • Standards and Laws

    I'll explore the difference between accessibility standards and laws, as well as cover which of each type exist to leverage.