Profile Photo of Joseph BakerI’m Joe Baker, an accessibility expert focused on ensuring that all customers are considered when building products and services. I’ve been on several digital accessibility teams, including at Amazon and Microsoft. I found early on that resources for accessibility focused on empathy, or were too technical, for the average person inside a company and never focused on how to build an actual sustainable accessibility program.

I started out as a front-end developer and designer early on in my career, but shifted over to a Product and Program development after co-founding Pixelstrike Creative. During one of my earlier projects as a developer I received a bug report that had a number of accessibility issues. I had no experience before that time developing accessibly and this opened up my eyes to a whole new world. The goal of my articles and component guides is to take my experience and to share my learnings to help everyone as a resource to add or enhance to their accessibility.

This site, and the articles, are a work in progress that I will fill out over time. If you have suggestions of topics to cover, or find an issue with the site pleaseĀ Contact me!